Food & Beverage From HB JONES

Why Are There Halfway Houses on Golf Courses?

Because golf makes you hungry and thirsty! A Halfway House is a building, generally between the 9th and 10th holes, providing snacks and refreshments for golfers during their round. Luckily, Halfway House Indoor Golf is connected to a full-service restaurant and bar.

You can order from the HB Jones menu right from your simulator bay!

Full Menu and Bar from HB Jones

When Horatio B. Jones was descending the north face of Everest, he and his entire expedition were snowed in. As time went on, things began to look bleak. Ultimately, it was his unyielding hunger for his favorite food that inspired him to trek through the blinding snow. His resolve saw his entire expedition to safety.

Upon arriving at base camp he was rewarded with a burger of true Everest proportions. From that moment onward an almost overwhelming hunger or desire is often referred to as “Jonzin”. It is in the spirit of Jones that we bring you this menu of delicacies inspired by his adventures.



food and beverage menus from hb jones