The Simulators



Golf simulators have been around since the 1980’s. To many people, the words “golf simulator” conjures up images of the old Dave & Buster’s virtual golf game, Sega’s GoGo Golf system and Wii Golf. These games were the pioneers in golf simulation but today’s advanced technology has transformed the industry.

If you haven’t experienced the newest, most advanced golf simulatorsystems, you’re in for a treat! New technology has driven golf simulation to new incredible heights.  The most advanced golf simulatorsuse computer vision-based camera systems that use high-speed cameras to track both the club and the golf ball after the golfer hits the ball. Other types will use a laser tracking system to track the ball and club. Projectors display the golf shot on a large screen displaying either a photorealistic or computer-generated golf course image in front of the player.

Look who’s using FULL SWING GOLF simulators in their own homes.

 Here’s why Full Swing Golf is the best in the industry…


Full Swing Golf simulators combine two of the most advanced tracking technologies to create the most precise ball-flight accuracy possible. This Dual Tracking System works like this:

1.  Ion2 Vision Technology

Utilizes a single overhead, high-speed camera to collect accurate data.

Club Head Data – captures club head speed, club face angle, and club path. This information is then illustrated on-screen so that you can fully understand your swing.

Ball Spin – collects real-time spin data including back spin, side spin, and spin axis. Displays data on-screen allowing you to make better equipment choices and shot decisions.

2.  Infrared Light Waves

Two bands of patented infrared light waves captures ball flight data at the speed of light.

Captures ball flight speed, launch angle and direction.

No other measurement device can measure these ball flight characteristics more accurately or rapidly.

Combining infrared light and high-speed camera technologies allows Full Swing to measure the interactivity between ball and club like nobody else in the industry. Using the above data allows the ball path to be shaped precisely to land on the virtual golf course as if it were played on the real course.

Fluid and Real Time Environment

Have you ever seen golf simulators on TV or online and noticed the delay or hiccup that happens when the ball hits the screen before seeing the virtual ball fly into the virtual world?  Radar, sonar, and camera-based technologies have inherent latency, meaning it takes time to collect and process data before rendering ball flight.  It’s annoying!

Full Swing Golf utilizes its Dual Tracking System to collect and process data at the speed of light. The process is so fast that, once the real golf ball hits the screen, the virtual ball instantaneously continues into the virtual world with absolutely no delay. The virtual ball flight starts at the exact point on the screen where the real ball hits and continues seamlessly on the same trajectory.

Real-time ball flight promotes a more realistic experience, especially in the short game. A chip usually flies for less than a second. Other simulators have 0.5 to 2 seconds of latency, which really disconnects the golfer from the feel of the chip and gives the short game in golf simulation a bad rap. A chip on the Full Swing simulator flies, lands, and rolls in a natural, seamless, realistic way – the way that you’d expect it to look and feel around the greens.

Realistic Graphics and Meticulous Course Reproduction

Full Swing Golf features the newest installment of E6 golf, the most celebrated golf software platform available.

E6 Golf offers live motion graphics for a realistic and fun golf experience. The trees blow in the wind, waves crash, streams run, and lakes ripple. Golfers experience a living, breathing, 3D virtual environment.

Customize your course conditions, like weather and time of day, to really give your virtual game a lifelike feel.

You can view the course from different angles, giving you all the information you need, including distance to the pin, lay-up yardages, elevation changes, wind speed and direction.

Largest Library of Championship Courses

Full Swing Golf offers over 90 championship courses, including 30 of Golf Digest’s and Golfweek’s “Greatest Courses”. And they add at least four new courses per year, often many more than four.

Only 6 courses in the Full Swing Golf library are fantasy courses, the rest are real, licensed replicas of real world courses, emulated in great detail. Every elevation, tree, bunker and green are exactly the same as the real course. Other simulators may tout a significant course library, but often the courses offered are fantasy courses or unlicensed imitations.

Customizable Interactive Practice Facility

Full Swing Golf designed and built the “Swing Pro Studio”, which is solely dedicated to practice. It features driving, chipping, approach shots, uphill, downhill, bump and run, lob, over trouble, and many more.

The post shot screen is loaded with features and information to help you analyze your shots, whether it’s the last shot you took or the average behavior of a specific club.

You can choose to drop a fully functional green in the middle of the driving range. Complete with undulations and bunkers, drag this green as close or as far as you want, so you can perfect that short chip or long approach shot over and over.

With your Halfway House User Profile, your personal statistics can be saved to your account, allowing you to keep track of your progress all year long.