Upgraded Simulators at Halfway House Golf

upgraded simulators following golf ION 3

We are extremly excited to announce we have UPGRADED all of our simulators to the newest and most ACCURATE technology on the market. All Full Swing simulators feature two advanced tracking technologies that work together to produce the most realistic ball tracking data in the industry. Our Full Swing simulators provide dual inferred tracking systems and ION 3.0 fast action cameras. You now will be able to view your swing before and after impact at 700 frames per second. Our upgraded simulators at halfway house golf will provide this feedback in practice modes and during golf rounds.

The ION3 high-speed camera system provides HD playback of your club head and provides unparalleled analysis and accuracy. As your ball crosses the two infrared light wave or line scan tracks, we measure your ball speed, launch angle, and direction at the speed of light. No other simulation technology or indoor launch monitor can measure these ball flight characteristics more accurately or rapidly.