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Ray Graham Association

 Each of the nearly 2,000 children and adults with primarily intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families that we serve throughout DuPage County and the surrounding area, the Ray Graham Association means something different.

To some we represent independence and support. To others we mean safety and comfort. Although, to some Ray Graham Association is family. To others we offer a better life and hope for the future. To others, we stand for employment and training. And to some we mean access to resources, community, recreation, health, wellness and more.

And all of them are correct.

Because Ray Graham Association is all about empowering people with disabilities. And not everyone is empowered quite the same way.

With our broad array of educational, vocational, community, respite, early intervention, recreational, home-based and residential programs and services, we are able to find just the right way to empower each of the amazing, gifted individuals we serve.

Empowering people with disabilities has been our mission since 1950.

Their success has been, and will always be, what motivates and inspires us.

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