Bay Rental: $40 / Hour

Reflects the cost of the bay, no matter how many golfers are playing.

Current Deals:

Mondays – 50% off all sessions

Tuesday/Wednesday – 20% off all sessions

Solo players – 25% off all sessions Tuesday-Friday

A guide to session length:

  • It takes about 45 minutes to an hour for one player to play 18 holes.
  • If you plan on ordering meals, you may want to lean toward an hour for each player.
  • If you want to take a few swings on the driving range before your round, please remember to reserve extra time for this as well!


THIS IS IMPORTANT:  If you are planning a very competitive match with your buddies, be extra sure to reserve enough time! It is very frustrating to end up on the 17th hole at the end of your session without the chance to finish (especially if you are winning!)

We cannot extend your session if there is a tee time booked directly after yours.  We must adhere to our schedule and be prompt for other customers’ tee times!