Indoor Golf Bar – Eat.Drink.Golf

Playing at an indoor golf simulator bar can be a lot of fun and has several benefits. Here are a few:

  1. Play all year round: One of the best things about our indoor golf simulator bar is that you can play golf all year round, regardless of the weather conditions outside.
  2. No need to worry about daylight hours: You can play whenever you want, even if it’s dark outside. You won’t have to worry about getting to the course early or leaving before sunset.
  3. Perfect for beginners: Indoor golf simulator bars are a great place for beginners to learn the game. You can practice your swing without worrying about hitting a bad shot and losing a ball.
  4. Variety of courses: Indoor golf simulator bars offer a wide range of courses to play on, from famous courses like Pebble Beach to virtual courses designed specifically for indoor play.
  5. Socializing: Playing at an indoor golf simulator bar is a fun way to socialize with friends, family, or coworkers. You can grab a drink and some food while you play, making it a great way to spend an evening out.
  6. Instant feedback: Our Indoor golf simulator bars use high-tech professional quality equipment to track your shots and provide instant feedback on your performance. This allows you to improve your game more quickly and accurately than practicing on an outdoor course.

Overall, playing at an indoor golf simulator bar is a fun and convenient way to enjoy the game of golf, regardless of your skill level or the weather conditions outside. We are now open year round with shortened-summer hours.